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Painting from 1968 makes roundabout return to artist

A painting by Don Grounds was returned Saturday to its rightful resting place.
Grounds and members of his family were in town to receive from the Downtown Cushing Revitalization Association a painting he did in 1968.
The painting originally was done in 1968 for Marie Rainwater. After Rainwater died, the painting — two American Indians in tribal dance — was given to Marilyn Duff and the DCRA.
The painting was used as a backdrop last weekend during the second annual Native American Heritage Festival.
Duff said she “did a search” for Grounds — Rainwater never had any luck finding him — and he and his family came to Cushing Community Theatre on Sept. 10 to see the painting.
Grounds’ wife said, “Oh that would look great in our dining room.”
The wheels again were put into motion.
“I then asked if they would like to have the paint ing back,” Duff said, “because that’s what Mrs. Rainwater had thought of at one time.
“I’m sure it would have pleased her to know it was returned to Don.”
Duff said she ran the return by members of the DCRA. They were in agreement.
Kristy Grounds, Don’s wife, said Don’s sister had some of his paintings.
“I guess he stopped painting when in college and got into music,” Duff said. “She was thrilled that now she had this one.
“Don said he had no idea he would ever see it again, let alone own it again.
“He, too, was elated.”