What flavor of gun control will reduce mass shootings?

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There have always been and will always be people who are mentally unstable. Unfortunately, they often are not easy to identify until they snap. Patrick Crusius, 21, purchased the AK-47 style gun he used in the mass shooting at the Wal-Mart in El Paso legally.
Apparently, there were no prior indications he was mentally unstable. Something just clicked inside of him resulting in 20 dead and dozens more injured. It was tragic, but it was not the gun’s fault.
Assault rifles, like the AK-47 and AR-15, are readily available and can be legally purchased anywhere guns can be sold. The assault rifle style is fun to shoot, easier to take care of and typically a little less expensive to purchase. Guns harder to take care of are those with nice bluing on the barrel and beautiful wooden stocks.  Any semi-automatic rifle or handgun whether or not an assault-style of weapon, can be fired as fast as the operator can pull the trigger.
Though it can’t be done legally, almost any semi-automatic weapon can be converted to fully automatic. That was not the case in either El Paso or Dayton mass shootings. They were using legally purchased semi-automatic weapons. But don’t blame the shootings on the weapon. If semi-automatic weapons were made illegal, crazy people inclined to hurt others might opt for a pump shotgun, for example. Point is: if someone wants to hurt a bunch of people quickly, they’re going to be creative enough to find a way to do it.
We tax-paying law-abiding citizens have a constitutional right to own firearms and to use them to protect ourselves. Though the Democrats want to take that right away, they’re not going to get it done. We guess they want to blame an inanimate object for bad things happening rather than accepting that a person must take responsibility for his or her own choices.
We won’t reduce the number of mass shootings by making assault weapons illegal to sell and illegal to own. Crazy people will just find another style of weapon or obtain an assault weapon illegally. If assault weapons were made illegal, as long as they are manufactured somewhere on this planet, they will be available for unlawful people to procure.
Though we don’t object to measures attempting to keep the wrong people from legally purchasing firearms, nothing will keep unlawful people from finding a weapon to perform tragic acts. On no universe could it ever be the weapon’s fault that a tragic act was committed.
Just about all the Democratic candidates for President are saying these recent mass shootings were the fault of President Trump. Though we agree he could stand a bit more polish, in his heart, he doesn’t encourage hatred and doesn’t not believe there’s any place in America for hatred. No one can be accused of being responsible for acts of violence except the person(s) performing the acts.
As it turns out, no flavor of gun control will impact the incidents of these killings. Strong families with parents who effectively teach their children love, kindness, acceptance and tolerance will create a more peaceful world.

Are Democrats really working to get Donald J. reelected?
Sure seems like it.
Biden announced his acute dislike for fossil fuel and insistence to remove any subsidies on its use. There goes his support in manufacturing states. Of course, he couldn’t buy support in Oklahoma for any price.
The rest of the Dems are touting socialism through all kind of unsustainable freebies. If there is a moderate on the Democratic ticket it’s Tim Ryan from Ohio. Will he get the nomination? Doubt it! The party will most likely choose someone further to the left, and by doing so; will surely pave the way for Trump’s reelection.

Burning down the house
 With just two in the house, planning meals is rather spontaneous. Yesterday afternoon, we decided to grill hamburgers and sauté some mushrooms for on top.
It was pretty early in the afternoon when we went to the store and shortly after returning, I decided to go ahead and put the mushrooms on low so they could have plenty of time to absorb delicious flavors.
Then, closer to dinnertime, I prepared the hamburger steaks and put them on the grill. After that, I went back into where Myra was watching TV to sit down for a few minutes.
It became time for me to go back out and check the burgers and immediately upon my turn to walk down the hallway, I noticed our great room FILLED with smoke. I yelled at Myra, sure that the smoke came from the Brussels sprouts she had in the oven. Of course, I was mindful and very careful to have the fire on low for my mushrooms.
Dang-it, it was not the Brussels sprouts. I ran to the stove, turned off the fire, grabbed the pan, took the lid of and it immediately gained enough oxygen to blaze. Oh crap!
I placed the burning pan in the sink and ran water. The fire went out quickly and we began opening all windows and doors to get rid of the smoke and stench. Myra ran downstairs to get a fan to put in the window to push smoke out a little quicker.
We could see smoke billowing out the windows and doors just as if the house was on fire. We had the fire department here once before when I allowed the charcoal grill to get out of hand. I was surprised they didn’t get tipped off this time and surprised our smoke detectors didn’t go crazy.
As it turned out, I didn’t have the fire under the mushrooms low ENOUGH!
All’s well that ends well. Our receptionist, Monday morning, noticed an rather unpleasant and unusual scent in the office. I had to confess.
Believe it or not, I even got the pan cleaned this morning. It took a little scrubbing.