Trump not politician, better pick for vote

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Hillary has been a member of Congress since 1992. I, while looking at all candidates for president at the beginning of this lengthy campaign season, eliminated as prospects any candidate who had experience serving in Congress. Why?
Marco Rubio, a good person, a polished speaker, an up and comer, is also a member of Congress. That’s why we preferred that he arrange to be elected governor of Florida, spend a term or two, then run for president again.
Ted Cruz took a good run and came close to prevailing over Donald Trump. Much of the reason he did not succeed is because he is currently a member of Congress. He, by definition, is a part of the problem because all members of Congress, along with an administration committed to buying votes by spending your money on entitlement programs, have caused the national debt to climb from $8 trillion to $19 trillion.
And some say Obama has reduced our national deficit? Give me an aspirin.
Among many other very good reasons, Hillary should not be elected president because she, by definition, is part of the problem.
OK, she’s also a liar, a cheat, probably a murderer, she would not recognize the truth, she’d lie even if the truth was easier and she has been deceitful to the American people. Maybe that’s a bigger reason not to vote for her but if you should be so blind as to disagree with her blatant character flaws, by definition, she is part of the problem in this country because she is a member of Congress.
Now Trump: he is not a politician. He is a businessman and through no angle, has built a successful business. He has, more importantly, been a good father who led his children to become quite impressive. We must say, if I had not been a Trump supporters before the Republican National Convention, the impressive sales talks by his children proves “success” is Trump’s middle name.
He’s had success, obviously, in business, he’s been devoted to his children and been a successful as a father: without question the hardest job on the planet. He didn’t and doesn’t need the job of president of the United States.
Yes, he has a ego the size of New York. But ego inspires many good things to happen. Don’t discount the usefulness of a strong ego.
Trump is confident enough in his own ability to be successful as our president that he chose to lend his talent, should the American people allow it, to lead our country in a new direction to change the course toward success and prosperity.
Can he turn the ship around in four years? Absolutely not. But what he can do is change the course. If he can change the course 20 degrees in the right direction in four years, that’s success. We did not get in this bind in four years and we’re not — no matter who the leadership is — going to get out in four years.
He’s up slightly in the polls. We don’t expect that to last. The liberals can purchase, again — with your money — many votes. There are many who would favor ruining the country, financially, before they’d favor reducing their benefits from the government one dollar.
How do we compete with that? This atmosphere has been carefully created by the liberals and Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton have been at the lead.
This issue is a slam-dunk to reasonable people. Why has Mark Cuban and Warren Buffet endorsed Hillary? Simple. They’ve made so much money under a Democrat-controlled administration that they won’t want to risk anything by change.
Should Trump become president, there would be change and some of that change would include the creation of those entrepreneurs who may just compete with these billionaires and perhaps even knock them off their perch. Trump will increase the size of the pie, creating opportunity for people to realize the American dream. That is the America we need today.
By the way, if you want to have a glimpse of how brilliant this man is, just look at the publicity he’s arranged to receive for free. He plants controversy that gains him yet more publicity for free.
Trump has spent less money on his campaign than any presidential candidate at this stage of the game since John F. Kennedy. Yet his media exposure is the most any candidate has ever received. Ever.

AT&T Tower
Oh, I heard from AT&T folks. The tower on the southwest corner of Walmart is progressing. I will be advised as the project reaches completion.
We’ll have a better Cushing as this tower is turned on and we have good cell service east of Cushing at Walmart and at the new middle school.