The choice is brutally clear: vote Babinec

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Do you want a wallflower or a fighter?
Often a question like this comes up when one is referring to a lawyer they choose.
“I want a lawyer with an office in the back of the building and they throw a piece of raw meat to from time to time. I want one who will come out fighting to defend his client,” some might say.
Recently, a Stillwater newspaper and an Oklahoma City TV station broke with a story many simply accepted as truth because some in the media said it was so. The reports were fraught with inaccurate information.
I would have thought both were far more professional than that. A news item is something a reporter should check out for themselves and not rely on hearsay from others.
I have been in this business for many years. I would say it is unlikely that both the Stillwater paper and an OKC television station had the initiative to research on their own and come up with the same story the same day. You can bet your bottom dollar they were tipped off.
By whom, you may ask? Let’s think this through.
Stillwater’s city budget is in shambles. They’re looking at cutting back in many ways. Their reports say citizens won’t even notice the cutbacks.
They didn’t say politicians would not be impacted. Stillwater currently has one state-elected position guaranteed to stay in Stillwater until, at some point, the Oklahoma House of Representatives decides to go through the redistricting process. That person is Democrat Cory Williams.
They have one house member guaranteed to be from Stillwater serving Stillwater and basically only Stillwater because all of his constituents are Stillwater voters.
Additionally, for many years, Stillwater has been the home of the Oklahoma Senator for District 21. We have to add that Jim Halligan has been good for us. We believe him to have been as good for Cushing as if he’d have lived right here. We have incredible respect for Senator Halligan.
So Stillwater has a senator and one house member. That’s not enough. They want all three. They want our senator, their house member and our District 33 House of Representatives member all to be Stillwater folks. They want all the money going to Stillwater.
Some want this so badly that they’ll go to rather extreme measures, even lying to secure the District 33 House member position.
I genuinely believe Caryl Talley to be a very good person. She’s a new friend. Though I value making new friends, I have many friends I would not support for the Oklahoma House of Representatives.
She’s one of those. God bless her.
We don’t believe Talley was personally responsible for tipping off the media folks. We do believe some of her supporters were directly involved.
One of them may have been Cory Williams. D-Stillwater. Some of his cohorts also participated.
They are doing all they can to gain positions for Democrats and gain influence for Stillwater. It’s just not right for them to do things that are “reckless and destructive,” according to Greg Babinec, Cushing business man and candidate. It’s even worse to lie in order to gain political positioning.
Although it’s not right, Hillary has been doing it for years. Perhaps she’s set the pattern.
Babinec pays his bills and pays his taxes. He is an honorable businessman and valuable corporate citizen to the community. He is not a pushover. You can write that one down.
Caryl is a good ol’ country girl. She would be hard not to like. By about the same coincidence the two media members broke the same story fraught with falsehoods on the same day, Caryl Talley’s mailer showing herself as a good ol’ gal hit the mail the very next day.
Dear, people. This is carefully and thoughtfully planned dishonest and deceptive political maneuvering. We don’t believe Caryl is capable of this; some of her support group darn sure is.
If the Oklahoma Tax Commission or the Internal Revenue Service were to attempt to extract tax money from Babinec, more than he believe he owes, you can count on him to protest, to appeal, to jump up in the middle of the table and scream “bloody murder” in order to defend himself, his business interests and his family.
I respect that. There are people whom our government — state or fed — will send a tax bill and they’ll pay it though they feel uncomfortable and believe it may not be accurate. They are too intimidated to protest. That’s a wallflower.
A wallflower is an elected official who sits in the back of the room and votes “yes” or “no.” That is not Greg’s style.
When these stories broke alleging Babinec had not paid taxes, there were even some of his friends in Cushing who believed it.
Here’s what I believe. If someone tries to charge Greg more than he believes he owes, they better have their homework done because Greg will challenge it.
What kind of person do you want representing you in Oklahoma City? Do you want a wallflower who will set in the back of the room and vote “yes” or “no” or do you want one who will jump up in the middle of the table and debate, with authority and confidence – fight, even — do defend his constituents, their businesses, families and friends.
Babinec is smart. He’s been preparing for this job for years. He and Lee Denney have been discussing and planning this since before Lee’s last time to run uncontested.
Greg wants the position. Talley was talked into running.
This kind of position is really not her style. Conversely, its precisely Greg’s style.
I am proud of him for standing up to the IRS. I am proud of him for standing up for himself and his family.
We are all going to be proud of him for standing up for us at the State Capitol.