Talley quality; can remain Stillwater’s own

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I recently had the pleasure of meeting and visiting with Caryl Talley and her sister, Carrie Hulsey. Caryl is candidate for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 33 running on the Democratic ticket.
It’s a rather interesting combination. Her husband, John, is a Republican and she’s a Democrat. It’s probably not that uncommon.
When Myra and I got married, she was a Democrat. When asked why, she would say, “Well, I asked my daddy what I was and he said, ‘You’re a Democrat, darlin.’” It wasn’t until after years of marriage and business that she chose to convert to Republican.
So, the Tally house has one of each. By the way, according to Caryl, John is voting for her. According to Caryl, he is also voting for Hillary. That does cause questions. Regardless, Caryl is a wonderful person and, though I have not met him, I know John is a great guy.
I enjoyed the conversation so much and enjoyed making friends with Caryl and her sister so much that, had she and John lived in Cushing, I would say Greg Babinec may have a tough race.
It seems we just finished the primary election. For a while, there were few yard signs reminding us — if the media has not done an excellent job of reminding us already — that we’re, again, in the midst of a campaign season. The campaigning is going strong now and will be in full tilt come first of October.
Caryl is a sharp lady. She’s a retired schoolteacher and, based on what I learned about her, she was firm but fair with her students. She and John were the same with the youth they helped and ministered to through the years.
Time was when Cushing had enough voters to control who was elected as State Representative for District 33.
Stillwater has House District 34 that includes basically the city limits of Stillwater, including all of Oklahoma State University. Only Stillwater voters can vote in a District 34 election. Stillwater, therefore, has its “own” state representative.
As Stillwater continued to grow, there became an increasing number of Stillwater people who lived outside the boundaries of House District 34. They were District 33 voters. There was a time when Cushing had more than half of the registered voters in District 33.
Today, Cushing’s eligible voters represent less than half of all eligible voters in District 33.
Regardless of party affiliation, voters of Cushing need to understand that it is important that Cushing have a representative from here and passionate about making a difference for Cushing at the State Capitol.
Cushing voters need to get out and vote on Nov. 8 for Greg Babenic, a local businessman and local family man who understands full well how important this race is to Cushing and is abundantly qualified to represent Cushing well.

Tower is on
At long last and with a little urging from the public, AT&T now has the tower just southwest of Walmart up and running.
I heard from several people that it might be turned on so we had to go see for ourselves and noticed close to the tower, an AT&T cell phone will show full power. It did not before the recent work began on that tower.
Next, I reached out to friends in the Dripping Springs area and in the neighborhood near Buffalo Rock Golf & Gun Club. I learned they still have to go outside to make or receive phone calls.
I do know that inside Walmart, AT&T cell phones work. I do not know but suspect that cell phones work fine inside the new middle school.
So, if my assumption is correct that phones work fine in middle school, AT&T has scored two out of three with their new tower.
By school grading standards, that’s probably a middle “C” grade. Hopefully they can raise that to a strong “A” by turning up the power to improve service to those customers northeast and southeast.
Actually, while approaching Cushing from the hill near the Elks Lodge, I noticed a significant improvement.
I bet the service will improve.