Signs of life at AT&T cell tower; stadium

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You guys done good!
I have noticed some activity in the vicinity of the AT&T tower near Walmart. We can’t call it a cell tower, though it looks like one, because there has, heretofore, been no efforts and no equipment installed in two years and 11 months, which would make this protrusion function like a cell tower.
There were two or three white trucks and three or four men working. There was a Bobcat track hoe onsite to do some serious digging. We had to go look.
Sure enough, there were new trenches and some large PVC piping in the trenches. There is progress being made. So I asked the two guys standing by the truck, “Does it look like AT&T is going to finish this tower?” They shook their heads as to say, “No habla Ingles,” and pointed to another guy who seemed on a mission.
By visiting with him, I learned that AT&T’s mission is to get the tower up and running as quickly as possible. We took a few photos of the activity.
The man said probably would be completed in November and possibly earlier.
“If AT&T can get it finished and turned on earlier, they will,” he said.
I introduced myself and mentioned that I had been working to generate some public action to urge AT&T to speed up the process. He replied that he’s heard it was the publicity and the phone calls that caused this project to be moved up.
“Hey, I appreciate the business,” he said, “I’m sure the contractors to follow me do too.”
There happen to be many people in the Cushing area who are frustrated that their cell phones don’t work in Walmart and many concerned about the safety and convenience factor of cell phones not working in the new middle school on Harmony Road. Apparently many of you have called the numbers we posted in the paper and online and have taken action.
It worked. It still takes time but you AT&T customers will have improved cell service east of Cushing more quickly than had you not screamed. Good job!

More good news
We have no idea the value of the materials, time and equipment costs have been that Continental Construction donated to make the new state-of-the-art artificial turf on the football field a reality. It was a bunch – and they volunteered it.
I observed as they brought big equipment and many people onto the field to peel off the original turf, dig down the required amount and haul the valuable top soil to the west end of the parking lot just west of the field.
They contoured the dirt then brought in gravel, contoured perfectly, tamped it down and now, contractors are installing the new turf. It’s beautiful.
I hear this new turf is easier on athletes than real grass. We learned that it lasts the longest if it’s used. It likes to be used.
Bring on the band practices. Bring on tournaments. Bring on community activities. Bring on soccer games.
The Holderread family has always been proponents of kids, athletics, improving our school system and economic development in our community. On this project, they certainly put their money where their mouth is.
They stepped up in a big way and helped make possible an addition to this community that will pay dividends to Cushing for many years.
While we’re bragging on people, and not at all to diminish in emphasis the huge donation by the Holderread family, there is another person whose performance figures considerably in our community’s ability to have such a fine football field facility.
That’s superintendent of schools, Koln Knight.
Knight’s overwhelming passion is the welfare of the students. It shows in everything he says and everything he does. Knight, and the school board, planned the development of the new middle school and improvements to other buildings in the system as general maintenance or to facilitate the change to grade centers.
The improvements were completed very close to on time and under budget. So much so that no new funds were required to complete the football field.
He does his homework and does a great job of working for the benefit of the teachers and staff, students and community. Knight has a heart for Cushing so much so that when retirement time comes — we hope many years away — his plan is to retire here. He’s committed.
Good people like these mentioned, who have passion and commitment to their community, can help to make great things happen.
We appreciate you all very much.