Republic quick to answer growing queries

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Republic Services, the company contracted by the city of Cushing to handle solid waste management for the citizens of Cushing, may be a very large company. It is quick to respond to public pressure. Following last week’s column about our service at the local transfer station, we received many calls. Some wandered how we got off so cheap dumping two pickup loads of trash for $25. Others explained how they got an even better deal. The stories were wide and varied. I appreciate the response from our readers. I received a response from City Commissioner Terry Brannon, which we published in Saturday edition. Additionally, we received calls from both the manager of Republic Services locally and from the office of corporate communication in Phoenix, Arizona, I believe. I was assured several corrective action measures resulting from my concerns. One, most critical, is a receipt will follow every payment. No matter what. Another, the price you are quoted will be the price you pay. There will be no more changing the price after one has already dumped the trash. I learned from some of the responses, confirmed by our city manager, that paper, plastic and metal can be dumped free of charge. They don’t even have to be separated but the trash to be recycled — dumped for free — can only be done on Tuesday and Thursday. Some astute process-oriented families can factor those special days right in and go to work keeping their paper, plastic and metal waste in a certain spot in the garage and see to it that the man of the house delivers it to the transfer station on those select days. Our household? Ain’t gonna happen. Visiting with the city manager, I learned Republic Services had, months ago, been urged to take measures to make the facility more attractive. I am told Republic has done some paint-up, fix-up and cut weeds. Frankly, I didn’t notice. While I agree that a garbage transfer station does not lend itself to become the bright spot of the community, just a bit of effort and care by employees and the place could look and smell much more presentable. Joey, the local Republic Service manager, invited me to take a tour of the facility. By the time you read this, the tour has already happened. I am not looking incredibly forward to this but am anxious to meet the local manager so we can begin a friendship and feel comfortable going directly to him should we have issues in the future. A close friend posed an insightful question: “On what planet is it OK to put a garbage transfer station in a city park?” The transfer station was located in the park long before Republic Services earned the waste contract with the city of Cushing. Republic is not responsible for that. The city of Cushing, I understand, selected that spot and has arranged to offset that utilization with several times more park space. That doesn’t address the appearance and smell issues but at least kids still have more space to run and play. We were impressed that the city of Cushing officials responded so quickly to this concern. We hope Cushing Pride, a sewer line to the airport and other issues directly under their purview rate as similar priorities. Blessings.