Melania, the RNC and things we believe

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We’ve witnessed Day One of a four-day Republican National Convention. It appears clear that Donald Trump, CEO of the Trump Organization will be the presidential nominee and Mike Pence; governor of Indiana will be the vice president nominee.
An effort to derail what the people want is failing.
Monday night’s convention coverage included mostly good speeches. Some seem only to have been time-fillers. We really enjoyed the military guy, friend of Rick Perry, who shot from the cuff.
The emphasis Monday evening was on safety, military and border control. There was the expected amount of Hillary bashing and most everyone urging us to believe that Trump is the candidate tough enough for the job ahead.
I could not agree more. As far as I am concerned, the convention can end now. But that’s impossible because of booked advertising commercials.
Melania Trump did a very nice job delivering her speech. We strongly question that it was actually “her” speech just as we strongly question whether the speech Michelle Obama delivered four years ago was “her” speech.
Professional speechwriters and political strategists write these speeches. That Trump’s and Obama’s are somewhat similar could be because the same person wrote them. Who knows? Who cares?
This is drama. This is show biz. This is salesmanship.
I am spending four days to get the already committed Republicans all fired up and to attempt to swing the few undecided voters out there. It’s a process that has to happen. For the good of the country, we’re not sure how much is achieved.
Soon, the Democratic National Convention will begin. All of us will observe that people are doing a lot of talking. They’re all saying things they hope will spawn a positive response from the crowd.
All this is much the same as with the Republican event going on now: not much will change. Those who don’t care for Hillary will care for her less after the Democratic convention. Those who already don’t like Donald Trump will like him even less after the Demos’ event.
In November, we’ll notice a few things:
Some people love Donald Trump.
Rather few people really like Hillary Clinton.
Many don’t like Hillary.
Many don’t like Trump.
Here’s what scary. Democrats have been buying votes through social programs and obscene government give-away programs, lax law enforcement and extended unemployment benefits. They’ve been using money to buy the votes of those unemployed, underemployed and those who think the government should give them something they don’t deserve and have not worked for.
Those people count in the tens of millions.
These people, for the most part, are rather silent and thus are very dangerous.
Remember four years ago? Although we were not incredibly high on the John McCain and Sarah Palin ticket, we were convinced that Obama had done such a horrible job during his first term the American people were sure to vote him out.
During the first four years, his administration had successfully bought enough votes to keep a liberal in the White House.
What has changed? For four more years, the liberals have been using money to buy the votes of those on the take. Obama has not done a significantly worse job as president than he did the first term. Hillary, by any measure, will be simply an extension of the Obama administration so those on the take will vote her in just as they voted Obama in for his second term four years ago.
This is the first time in many years we’ve had the option of electing an accomplished businessman and a tough leader positioned to work equally with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress.
He is our best choice and he will be elected when the people realize a few things:
—These give-away programs are not sustainable.
—Life is better for everyone when those who choose to work have good jobs.
—If you choose not to work, your government will not help you.
—World influence is attained by talented negotiations backed up by military might.
—It’s not government’s job to provide for us. It’s their job to protect us.
—If you come to the United States legally, we will welcome you. If you do not, there will be consequences.
—Good jobs are a result of bringing manufacturing back and offering our people the best possible education.

We seriously believe our country cannot survive four more years of business as usual. We have very serious problems now. In four more years, we’ll have these and more problems so huge there are no options of turning around.
We know how Hillary will perform and if it would be as president, it would be devastating. We do not know but are hopeful that Donald Trump will begin to turn the ship and our country will begin to move in the direction of hope and prosperity.