Looking forward to a prosperous 2017

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Hope: a reasonable expectation for a better future.
While visiting with Dr. Kolm McCauley at a New Year’s Eve gathering, he said that we have reasons to begin 2017 with hope. It’s always good to begin a new year with hope.
The following are a few of the reasons we should have an attitude of hope and encouragement going into this New Year.

Oil prices

Crude oil and natural gas prices are beginning to move upward. That’s always a good sign if you’re from Cushing. Most of the American people could give two hoots about the price of oil only that they prefer it being low so they can pay less for gasoline and for heating and cooling their homes.
Oklahoma folks, who are dependent on energy, wish for $75 per barrel oil and $5 per MMBtu — million British thermal units — natural gas prices. The hope, for the New Year, is that oil and gas prices continue to gradually increase.


We are very soon to have a new president who wants to encourage new oil and gas drilling activity. We will witness the difference between a president who worked eight years to sabotage America’s free enterprise system and a president who knows the free enterprise system like the back of his hand, trusts that a free enterprise system, left to do its thing, will self correct many problems and depends on our free enterprise system working very well when given a helpful nudge in the right direction by our government.

Favors business

In 2017, we will have a sneak peek of how Trump plans to stimulate domestic manufacturing. To make America great again, we must build a stronger middle class, much of which is made up of America’s small businesses.
Incentives to build small business would be fine but for the most part, if our federal government would just get out of the way, we have a much stronger prospect for growth of small business in America.
If nothing else, Trump should be good for business.

Goodbye, Obamacare

Though conservative politicians promise to completely scrap, overturn or resend Obamacare, we will not throw the whole thing in the trash and start from scrap. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.
Even Obama and his cronies are bound to have come up with something in the voluminous and damaging measure that’s worth keeping.
Will we see health care restructured so far as our government’s involvement is concerned. We will see how leaving much to the free enterprise system will self-correct many aspects. People will have the freedom to go wherever they like to get insurance coverage and likely, the cost of health insurance will, at least, not continue to skyrocket.
We believe 2017 will see life better for health care consumers, doctors, hospitals and other providers.

Putting our town back together

We will survive the punch in the gut from the man-made earthquakes. Cushing, particularly downtown Cushing and many homes on the western portion of the town, endured the most damaging earthquake in the history of Oklahoma.
The damages and the costs and stresses related to them make it more difficult to enter this New Year with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.
That’s exactly what we must do.
Cushing has a history of being a community of survivors. Regardless of whether these class action lawsuits result in a dime of payment to damaged property owners, we will bounce back and quickly.
Our downtown area is, for a while, is going to look a little snaggle toothed because of this damage. We’re hopeful this will open the door to new ideas for creating new enterprise downtown.

Poised several ways

Entering the New Year, our community is properly poised in some ways.
We enter 2017 with an economic developer, David Hinkle, who came to town to make a difference.
We believe his leadership will pay dividends.
We also have a new State Representative, Greg Babinec, who says he is already working harder, as your representative, than he has worked for years in the restaurant business.
We have his new energy and new enthusiasm as we do Tom Dugger, who has taken the reins as our new State Senator.
New and fresh representation almost always results in new energy, new creativity and innovation. These two new elected officials will serve Cushing well.

About US late January

Cushing’s annual image piece, created by the Citizen staff, will break Jan. 28.
Many copies will be printed and inserted into the Citizen and distributed throughout the Cimarron Valley. Throughout the year, as always, we will replenish supplies so fresh copies are available all year long.
Interestingly, thousands have accessed the About US digital version through out website.
Our Chamber of Commerce sends a copy of About US to everyone contacting the chamber to inquire about Cushing. They send out hundreds every year.
Our staff is working hard to make this year’s magazine the best ever. We bring all this up to give advertisers and prospective advertisers a heads up that advertising space is still available through next week.
If you know of a story that should be included in About US, contact Jim Perry at 918-285-5555 or email him at editor@cushingcitizen.com.
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Together, we can make 2017 a great year for Cushing.