Grant boost for Right Path

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Right Path Riding Academy is honored to announce it has received a $10,000 grant from the Disabled Veterans National Foundation. The grant will fund Right Path’s Hooves on the Ground horsemanship program for veterans.
Leslie Kirkland, executive director and founder of Right Path, said, “Equines helping veterans recover from the ravages of war, both mentally and physically, was so very evident as the veterans participated in our Hooves on the Ground program. The Right Path extends its gratitude and thanks to DVNF for awarding funds that will allow this work to continue into the future.” 
In 2015, Right Path expanded its capacity to provide equine assisted activities to serve the military in central Oklahoma. Horses have innate qualities which make them unique therapeutic partners.
The Right Path program utilizes the characteristics to benefit veterans dealing with issues related to emotional or physical wounds suffered as a result of their military service. Right Path offer specialized horsemanship classes in which veterans are given the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with their assigned horse and mentor veterans.
The Disabled Veterans National Foundation exists to provide critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans who leave the military wounded — physically or psychologically — after defending our safety and our freedom.  
DVNF achieves its mission by offering direct financial support to veteran organizations that address the unique needs of veterans, and whose mission align with that of the DVNF; providing supplemental assistance to homeless and low-income veterans through the health and comfort program and various empowerment resources; and providing an online resource database that allows veterans to navigate the complex process of seeking benefits that they are entitle to as a result of their military service, as well as additional resources they need.
Serving as a thought leader on critical policy issues within the veteran community, and educating the public accordingly.
The Right Path Riding Academy is a nonprofit organization that was created to help individuals with special needs enjoy the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding, cart-driving, and equine-assisted learning activities. Its mission is to provide an equestrian environment where individuals with special needs can achieve their highest potential.