Get ready for Rotary radio auction action

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The Cushing Rotary Radio Auction is just a whole bunch of fun.
Very soon, Rotarians will be contacting businesses and organizations around the community, getting donations for the club’s largest fundraiser of the year. Like other service organizations, the club raises money then simply recycles proceeds back into youth and community projects.
It’s really a good example of community. Through the efforts of the Rotary Club, the community has fun raising money, then has fun giving it back to the community helping to make good things happen.
The Rotarians do a little work gathering up auction items, then get the word out to the community about what items will be auctioned off and to express their appreciation to those who make donations. There’s a little work by Rotarians preparing for the auction but the real fun happens on auction day.
This year, it’s happening Sunday, Oct. 13 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and will take place on the south side of Main Street outside the Cushing High School agri-civic building just east of the football field.
The club usually auctions just over 200 items, 10 items at a time, every 15 minutes. Some folks come join us at the event while others tune in to the local radio station and listen as Rotarian announcers describe what is being auctioned off right now and what is the current high bid. Radio listeners can call one of two numbers and place bids live and over the phone. Every 15 minutes, over the radio, Rotarians will announce whom the successful bidders are on each of the items just auctioned.
This year, Brant Correa, owner/operator of Horizon Construction and Bruce Johnson, Cushing’s Economic Developer are heading up the auction event.
There will be some great values that day while some folks will be caught up in the excitement of the auction and maybe pay a bit of a premium — but that’s the fun of an auction and all the money goes to great causes.
Some of the uses for the funds raised during the auction are:
• A swim night and picnic following the Summer Reading Program
• College Scholarships
• Annual Teacher Appreciation Banquet – Just happened last Wednesday along with this year’s Fill the Bus campaign.
• Purchase of school supplies
• Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp tuition
• Student Rotary Guests of the Month at club meetings
• Care and maintenance of Rotary Park on 9th Street
• Sponsoring baseball and soccer teams
In order for this auction to be successful, it takes the community. The club needs the community to provide something over 200 items and they need to be of a quality someone wants to buy. The community always steps up. Any business or organization that wants to make a donation but perhaps has not been contacted by a Rotarian can always call the Citizen at 918-285-5555 and we’ll get someone there to accommodate you.
For sure, mark your calendar for Oct. 13, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., and either be at the auction site or be listening to the radio. This is always a fun afternoon.
All auction items received between now and Thursday, Sept. 19 will be on the sale bill and the entire sale bill will be published in the Citizen on Wednesday, Oct. 9 and in the Weekender on Oct. 5 and 12 as well as posted all over the area. Watch for the auction sale bill and plan what items on which you wish to bid.
For those who don’t have, or can’t think of, an item to donate for auction, a donation always works. Donations can be sent to Cushing Rotary, P.O. Box 609, Cushing, 74023.
Rotarians will give best efforts to make sure all donors receive plenty of recognition for their generosity. This is one of those “everyone wins” deals that folks like to be involved in.
Come join us.