Countdown: 42 days to football

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Remember when you were a kid and your ordered something.
Through the mail, of course. T’weren’t any online ordering back in the day.
You were advised in fine print to expect whatever it was you ordered in six to eight weeks.
Today I am focused on the former, not the latter.
Six weeks.
Forty-two days.
Be still, my pounding heart.

What of this integer, this 45?
—Wackopedia tells us it symbolizes the cosmic solidarity which is expressed in the life of all the beings, according to R. Allendy.
—The age of 45 years old for the man, corresponding to an enneatic period, was considered as an important stage of the life.
I have no idea of the meaning of the word “enneatic.” Not even the world’s greatest URL —! — could help.
—It is believe St. Francis of Assisi was 45 when he died.
When old Frankie died, it is told, all the possessed of the country were liberated of the demon during around three days.

The number 45 has an arithmetical curiosity. The sum of first nine numbers — 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 — gives obviously 45. And the difference between these two great numbers gives a result of nine digits, 864197532, of which the sum of each one gives also 45.
—The anniversary for 45 years is the sapphire. And the word “fidelity” is mentioned 45 times in the Bible.
—Forty-five is a triangular number — see above. It is the smallest triangle number after 1 which can be written as the sum of two squares, 9 and 36.
It is also a hexagonal and 16-gonal number.
You remember old Gonal, don’cha? One-armed fella who could drop back and throw it from one end of the field to the other?

Forty-five is the sixth positive integer with a prime factorization of the form p2q, with p and q being prime.
45 rpm: a type of gramophone record classified by its rotational speed. Surely you remember spinning old 45s.
In sports, Michael Jordan wore 45 for the 1994-95 season before switching back to 23.
Famous baseball players who wore 45: Bob Gibson, Pedro Martinez, Tug McGraw, Johnny Podres and Cecil Fielder.

Are you fully confused? If so, my work here is done.
But the fact remains, 45 days from today, Lord Football arrives.
Lord College Football.
Sit back. Close your eyes. Listen to your heart.
Breath in the moment.
No wait, that’s the city wastewater treatment plant.
Try again.

Lord College Football brings us more than perhaps any other sport.
Pageantry. Traditions.
Marching bands. Cheerleaders.
Alumni becoming friends with one another because they sit in the same seats in the same section of the same stadium for decades.
Tailgating under your school’s colors.
Few things in life are finer, my friends.

It’s like that six-week order for something from Battle Creek, Michigan, got squeezed into one, unbelievable, unfathomable, incomparable moment.
Nirvana arrives in six short weeks.
Forty-two days.
My pounding heart refuses to be still.
The countdown is on.