City commission might learn from Hillary

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Recent decisions of our city commission cause me to have some questions. I hope you will see these as questions and comments worthy of consideration as I am pondering how’s the best way to structure our community for future development.
I would speculate that if the average, fairly in-tune Cushing person was asked, “Where does the responsibility of community development lie?” they would answer, “City of Cushing or Cushing City Commission or Cushing City Manager.”
We are neither sure the city commissioners agree with this nor that the average, fairly in-tune Cushing person really knows what community development is. I am confident I don’t know all that’s involved but am comfortable I know the basics.
Generally, community development involves utilization of community assets, personalities, skills and groups in a community to solve common problems. It also devises a vision and develops a plan aimed at community strength, growth and general improvement.
Most would agree the above is an important function to have in place in Cushing.
At this moment, it does not.
Not long ago, the complete Cushing Board of Commissioners changed. This is good policy to have leadership changes from time to time. It makes way for new ideas, new energy and new enthusiasm. The community wanted changes at city hall.
Soon, I saw an addition at City Hall. Jeremy Frazier was selected as assistant city manager. I was excited that a plan was in motion to select a person with skills in community development to replace City Manager Steve Spears upon his retirement.
Now, I am confused.
It appears the board of city commissioners may not believe it is the role of the city of Cushing to provide the community developer role. If members choose not to have that role in the job description of anyone at City Hall, two questions arise: Where does the role of community developer lie and why did the city hire an assistant city manager?
Perhaps it is best if the community development leadership exists under the umbrella of the Cushing Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Plans and funding is provided for an economic developer to be recruited.
Will community development be in the job description of the new economic developer? That’s a rare combination but possible.
For sure, as the Cushing Economic Development Foundation begins to get the word out seeking resumes, the fact the recruit must have community development skills should be included.
What is important is that there is in Cushing a plan to have the process of community development functioning and that someone is chosen to lead the effort.
If the decision is made that our future city manager will not be expected to fulfill that role, then Spears, who certainly is knowledgeable of the workings of the business of the city of Cushing, should be urged to stay on as city manager as long as he likes.
Whether or not future Cushing city managers serve to lead community development effort must be decided.
Once that decision is made and is firm, the community can move forward.
Cushing needs leadership. Cushing needs something akin to a retreat of community business and organization leaders to join and craft a vision for the future.
Once in place, one person needs to be responsible for working with community assets, personalities, skills and groups to solve common problems then take action toward building a stronger, growing and improved Cushing.
The decision — the city commission needs to decide first — is what position holds the responsibility of leading the effort called community development.
Hillary on golf?
On the heels of FBI directory James Comey saying, basically, “We know Hillary Clinton is a crook, we know she is dishonest and we know she is guilty of leaking federal secrets through the email scandal. We’re just not going to prosecute,” I received an email from a good friend about some folks choosing to have some fun with this horrible decision.
Golfers, take heed.
Subject: Golf Rules Change
There will no longer be a penalty stoke for hitting a ball into the water or out of bounds following the recent FBI ruling re: emails.
The USGA, the R&A and the PGA, after a private meeting with Comey, have stated that: “Your opponent must prove that you ‘intended’ to hit the ball into these hazards in order for there to be a penalty.”
Carelessness or ignorance is therefore not intent.
Thus, the new “No intent-No penalty” stroke ruling.
This will be known in the future as the FBI or “First Ball Inbounds” rule.