Board swears in Short, votes Amon, Rose as chairs

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By Jim Perry

Managing Editor

Chad Short on Monday was sworn into Seat 4 on the Cushing Board of Commissioners. He said he felt his doing so was “an opportunity to serve the public.”
Little did he know he would be voting during his first meeting on a rather surprising agenda item.
Shortly after Short and Terry Brannon were sworn by Municipal Judge Bill Ahrberg into Seats 3 and 4 on the five-member commission, they were voting Don Amon into the board chairman’s role Brannon has held for the last year.
Trace Rowe was voted vice chairman, the position Amon filled during most of fiscal 2015-16.
Amon is about to enter his third year on the Board of Commissioners.
“I think I’ve got it figured out after three years,” he said.
“I’m excited. I am looking forward to the coming year.
“We have a type of work that must be done because we have budgetry issues. It’s not that we don’t have stability, but I hope we can improve it.”
Amon and Brannon have been instrumental in the Cushing Pride initiative and with Cushing Conversation, a gathering of citizens with city commissioners.
Brannon said the board is “trying to find some new ways to change things” and said he was genuinely committed to “work hard for the city of Cushing.”
Brannon has been on the board since 2013, when he was sworn into office.
Amon and Rowe also were elected chairman and vice chairman of the Cushing Municipal Authority, the Cushing Industrial Authority, the Cushing Hospital Authority and the Cushing Education Facilities Authority.
He told Short, “Welcome to the board. You have some big shoes to fill.”
Short is replacing Tommy Johnson, who resigned after three terms in Seat 4.
“I look forward to serving the public,” Short said. “That’s who I am. That’s what I do.”