Ballot box on Tuesday not for Democrats

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It appears, for voting on Tuesday, Democrats and Independents in the Cimarron Valley don’t have choices to make.
Republicans and Libertarians vote Tuesday. Republicans have choices to make very important to the Cushing area while Libertarians may make a feeble effort to unseat James Lankford for U.S. Senate. Lankford has raised more than $6 million while rival Democrats, Independents and Libertarians have raised a whopping ZERO combined. We imagine Libertarians had just as well stay at home.
District 34, in Stillwater, doesn’t vote for a state representative this year. Their representative is Cory T. Williams, a lawyer in Stillwater, whose term is up next year. While Cushing casts primary votes for who will replace Dr. Lee Denney as state representative, Stillwater will vote for county commissioner.
Chris Reding, the incumbent, will win that race.
Topping the election ballot is the Republican choice for United State Representative, more commonly called “our Congressman.” Frank Lucas has spent a generation as our Congressman. He probably needs to be unseated someday. It won’t happen Tuesday.
Desiree Brown has run before as a Republican opponent to Lucas. She won’t be successful this time either.
Next is the state senate race. Who will replace Dr. Jim Halligan? There are two worthy candidates. Neither are bad choices. Clearly one is the better choice.
Miguel Najera will be the peoples’ choice. Tom Dugger has not run a good campaign. Dugger is running on his financial expertise while Najera focuses on small business, education, family values and infrastructure. He is young and energetic and has served admirably on the Stillwater City Commission. We only wish he was in Cushing. We’re ready to have a state senator from Cushing.
Najera will win and will serve us well.
Also, on the ballot, is county clerk. Glenna Craig has a Republican opponent. Jenni McKee will win few voters’ favor. Glenna Craig has stayed connected to voters, has served us well and will keep her job as county clerk. Her victory will mirror that of Frank Lucas.
Finally, the most important vote Republicans of the Cushing area have to cast is for their choice of state representative to replace Denney, who is term limited out. She is not eligible to run for re-election.
Seeking her position is Connie Parker, a teacher in Stillwater, and Greg Babinec, a businessman in Cushing. If we look only at newspaper advertising and yard signs, it seems apparent that Babinec will win this deal hands down.
Not so fast!
There is much of District 33 that is not in Cushing. While we are confident Babinec will carry Cushing, Yale and Ripley, we have Perkins — tightly tied to Stillwater — and Coyle — we think Babinec will carry — and there are way too many rooftops west of Stillwater with occupants eligible to vote.
Here’s the point. Cushing Republicans need to turn out to vote. If you believe Greg has this won, and decide not to bother to vote, you may just lose this seat for Cushing.
This is important, folks.
Cushing needs to have someone at the State Capital pushing Cushing. Lee did an admirable job. She served us proudly. She has endorsed Babinec to take her vacated position. If you trust Lee’s judgment, trust her on this one. Cushing Republicans need to get out in mass this Tuesday and vote, if for nobody else, for Greg Babinec.
This race could be lost as easily as it could be won. There is nothing we have to vote on that is more important than keeping a Cushing resident in the position of State Representative for District 33. The facts that he is a very competent candidates, a devout family man, a successful businessman, a generous community servant and basically just a good man should make this choice easy for Cushing folks.
Once his decision to run was made, he has worked tirelessly to meet every registered voter in the district. He works until sunset to earn your vote and he will be the hardest worker at the state capitol, caring for the interests of Cushing and District 33.
Recently, the chamber of commerce sponsored a political forum. Save candidates and chamber volunteers, nobody showed up. One could surmise the reason was apathy. We think not. We believe the election Tuesday involves rather easy choices. Voters have their minds made up.
Exercise your right to vote on Tuesday.