Babinec’s taxes all paid

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Recent reports in a Payne County newspaper and an Oklahoma City TV station falsely stated that House District 33 candidate Greg Babinec was in arrears on both state and federal taxes. Friday, the county newspaper reported the prior report was in error.
Citizen staff researched the issue and learned not only was Babinec and associated companies not in arrears, he has been issued a Certificate of Good Standing.
A Certificate of Good Standing it issued only to those with all state sales and income taxes up to date.
It encompasses Babinec, Babco Inc. and any of Babinec’s other taxable entities.
“We have disputed taxes; make no mistake,” Babinec said. “That’s a right every American has.
“If any of us has questions or does not think what our government expects us to pay in taxes is accurate, we should contest it. I’m not afraid to fight the IRS and I’m not afraid to fight for you at the State Capitol.”
Old liens found in Citizen research read, “The applicant exhibited neither the intent to evade taxes, nor willful neglect, but rather exercised good faith in attempting to comply with the pertinent tax laws of this state.”
“Tax issues we have disputed have been settled in our favor,” Babinec said. “This was reckless and destructive reporting in an effort to damage my race.
“We knew the truth would come out.”

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Studio 739 way to go Greg we had no  doubt these allegations or faults and were meant to be missed leading to voters you've always had I support and you will continue to have our support and we look forward to you survey as our district 33 representative