Babinec, Craig, Dugger win GOP primaries

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By Jim Perry

Managing Editor
Voters in Cushing supported Greg Babinec. So did others in House of Representatives District 33.
Babinec, a businessman, on Tuesday rode a strong showing in Cushing — voters there rewarded him by nearly 80 percent — and defeated Stillwater educator Connie Parker in the Republican primary election.
Babinec, 54, won with 54.88 percent of the vote to Parker’s 45.12 percent.
Also on Tuesday, Glenna Craig won a third term as county clerk by drubbing Jenni McKee. Craig wound up with more than 71 percent of the vote — 55 percent is considered a “landslide” — and won seemingly every precinct.
Craig overwhelmed McKee in Cushing.
Dugger is a long-time accountant who graduated from Oklahoma State University and has been married to wife Ann for 45 years.
“Payne County is my home and has been very good to me and my family,” Dugger said. “I greatly love living here and have decided it is my time to give back to the county I have called ‘home’ for more than 35 years.”
Najera, 27, is also an OSU graduate and has served Stillwater City Council since 2014. He works as a claims adjuster for Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company.
Babinec in April announced he was seeking the vacated office created when Dr. Lee Denney was term-limited out of the House. He said he looked “forward to the challenge of continuing to improve District 33 as your state representative.”
Babinec is a native of Indiana who opened up a McDonald’s restaurant in Stroud and eventually — almost 20 years ago — made his way to Cushing. His daughters, Allisha and Ava, are products of Cushing Public Schools.
Babinec will face Caryl Talley, a Democrat from Stillwater, and Erin Adams, a Libertarian from Glencoe, in the November general election.
Incumbent Chris Reding won the GOP nomination for Payne County District 2 and Frank Lucas crushed Desiree Brown, a 32-year-old from Hennessey, for the Republican nomination to Seat 3 of Congress.
A bit of history was made Tuesday when Robert Murphy defeated Dax Ewbank 83-33 in a Libertarian primary for the nomination for U.S. Senate.

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Re: Babinec, Craig, Dugger win GOP primaries

Dear Cushing Citizen Editor:

In the story about the recent primary, there are two incorrect facts about two of the races.  These should be corrected for your readers' voting information.

1.  In the Payne County Clerk race -- Glenna Craig did not win her third term in office.  She is current serving in her first term.  She won the Republican primary, but she will face Linda Andre, the Democratic candidate, in November in the general election.  Andre who is a Cushing resident did not have a Democratic opponent so she did not have  primary election.

2.  In the Payne County Commissioner race -- Chris Redding did not win the Republican primary.    Redding received 471 votes (49.5%), Brett Stokes received 444 (46.7%) and Rondal Gamble received 36 votes (3.8%)  Although there was a different of only 27 votes between Redding and Stokes, Redding missed winning by 5 votes due to the Gamble votes.  There will be a run-off vote for Republicans between Stokes and Redding on August 23.

For your readers:
1.  All voters will be able to vote for Payne County Clerk in the November general election with Linda Andre being the Democratic candidate and Glenna Craig being the Republican candidate.
2.  Republican voters who are in the county commission area currently served by Redding can vote in the August 23 run-off .  The candidates will be Chris Redding and Brett Stokes.  

This information should help your readers who are following the elections.

Best Wishes,

Julie Couch
Stillwater OK