As much fun to make as is to eat

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It was Hello Apron, I think.
Maybe Blue Fresh.
Whatever were those scrumptious items we have pulled from our oven or stovetop the last few weeks.
You know: The ones that are like Jiffy Pop.
That popcorn allegedly “as much fun to make as it is to eat.”
I’m still deciding on Hello Apron.
Or Blue Fresh.

The wife while surfing — no, not that kind of surfing — stumbled across Blue Apron the other night.
It sounded worth a try.
Sixty bucks for three meals. Free for the first round.
Heck yes, I said.
OK. “Heck yes.”
We dived in.
Made me feel like a kid sending off the box top to a some starchy cereal I ate way too often.
Who else remembers Battle Creek, Michigan?

Packages were left on the front porch by the FedUp guy. Meats — chicken, chops and ground beef — kept cool in insulated bags.
They came with other boxes of food stuffs.
We went for Korean pork tacos and a blackened chicken of some sort from Blue Apron.
We minced garlic and added salt and pepper — to taste — to many items. Extra virgin olive oil were big on the lists of ingredients.
So were select herbs.
We found ourselves adding to recipes items not usually on our shopping list.

The combinations were fantastic, thank you.
Hello Fresh taught us about Italian ciabatta burgers and Jamie’s Italian style pork chops.
You know Jamie, don’t you?
Proper name is Oliver.
British celebrity chef, whatever that may be, and restauranteur. Forty-one.
Formerly known as “The Naked Chef.” Cook book is No. 1 best seller across the pond.
His parents ran a pub-restaurant, The Cricketers.
No wonder dude has skills culinary.

My parents — in other lives, he was a butcher; she taught home economics — had mad skills, too. They were the first people I knew who had a wok.
And used it.
I remember people wedging their way into 1300 W. Iris for Chinese New Year. Sometime between Jan. 21 and Feb. 20.
Drinking and dining on Cantonese foods.
The reunion dinner.
Paper cuts red in color and couplets with popular themes of good fortune or happiness, wealth and longevity.
No firecrackers that I can remember.

Chinese New Year and woks were regular items in the Perry household.
So were delicious meals a friend once told me were “weird.”
I dug weird.
Calf fries. Quail. Lamb.
Nobody I knew was serving those things back in my childhood.
Nobody, that is, other than my parents.
I think they would have loved Hello Apron or Blue Fresh.
They knew about cloves of garlic being minced.
They taught me to baste.

We have not yet basted anything from Blue Apron. Or Hello Fresh.
But I suspect those days will come.
We will learn to sear meats and steam vegetables.
The thoughts make me tremble with tastings.
The smells that have wafted through our kitchen mesmerized us. The meshing aromas brought us to our knees.
Surely, we will order another round or two. Hello Fresh, we have decided, is more to our liking.
Unless, of course, you’ve got some Jiffy Pop.